NDC Parent Council Minutes for Jan. 15, 2019

NDC Parent Council Minutes for Jan. 15, 2019

Parents in attendance; Elizabeth Hladnik Bratt, Iva Woodward, Laura Anderson, Maeve Hunter, Jessica Nelson, Jacquie Williamson, Paul Dunphy and Heather Baldwin.

Paul opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.

Iva gave us the financial report - $349.73 is the balance of our account. The Town of High River just purchased $3500.00 worth of Sobeys cards. Yippee! Treasurer’s report accepted.

Principals report – Paul talked on the 2018 Accountability Pillar Results. Discussion on the Knowledge and Employability program followed. This is a new program for Grade nine students, province wide. The program helps students with academic difficulties.

A monthly news letter will be flying off Paul’s computer full of his wisdom, research and knowledge. Various current topics such as digital age issues will be featured ; so watch your inbox.

For all those parents that did not attend this last meeting, you missed a great discussion on the Matt Fradd presentation on Pornography.  

Our school’s next speaker will be Michael Chiasson. He will be presenting in March with a parent presentation during the evening and then to the students on the following day.

Heather brought up the idea of planning an event that would bring parents together to build community. Some ideas that were thrown on the table, one in particular, produced the most terrifying experience since Heather’s acceptance of Chairperson! The new grade 7 moms that were present, started shaking and energy bolts flew from their heads as they buzzed with excitement of holding a Gala to celebrate 25 years of Catholic education in High River! Maeve, Iva & Paul were speechless and probably are still trying to understand what happened!

Next Meeting to be held Feb. 26, same time same place.

Meeting adjourned with prayer. Thank you, Paul!