NDC Parent Council Minutes for June 26, 2019

NDC Parent Council Meeting

June 26 2019

Meeting opened with prayer at 7:38 p.m.

Minutes from the last meeting read and approved.

Financial report coming from Heather in a pdf.  (soon)

Principal’s report is attached.  (soon)

Heather is asking the amazing Jayden Henderson to send her pictures of the grads.  

Thank you to Nancy Alexander for doing up the grad cards from Parent Council.

Snack bags for the exams were done, at a cost of $281.02.  

Parent Council bought a potted plant for Janet Bennett, as a retirement gift.

Cathy moved that Heather Baldwin be reimbursed for the snack bags and flowers.  Jackie seconded. Passed.

The teacher luncheon was a hit!

  • Online volunteer sign-up worked well, filled up quickly.

  • Plan on three pots of pulled pork for the next one.

Sobeys cards might need more publicity, possibly in the school and church newsletters.  The bands / arts association had looked at them as a fundraiser, because they didn’t know that Parent Council sold them.

Gala update

  • Jackie met with cindy for the digital and social media aspects.  She’s working on the official image for the Gala, which will probably be ready in September.

  • Cindy is looking after the Facebook page.

  • Next Gala meeting is on September 5th. 

  • Ticket sales will start in the fall.

  • The DJ, caterer and emcee are booked.

  • Email pictures to leap.20@FrancisdeSalesHighRiver.com 

Next Parent Council meeting is September 17, 2019.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.