NDC Parent Council Minutes for April 15, 2019

NDC Parent Council Meeting – April 30 2019


Meeting opened with prayer at 7:40 with prayer.

Minutes from March 19 2019 read, and accepted. 

FINANCIAL REPORT coming from Heather. 

  • Total of $3897.23 in Sobeys’ points
  • We need to go through the Sobeys accounts to see which families are still recorded, but whose students have graduated.  Those points will go to Parent Council.


SDL changes

  • Changed from 4x a week to a longer block of time, once a week
  • Easier to track attendance
  • Easier to bring in a guest speaker, do more in-depth activities
  • TAP cancelled on Fridays, when students will go directly to their first class instead


Mrs. Bennett is retiring.  Her celebration is on Friday, June 7.  Parent Council will contribute a small gift – Cathy will check with Nora and get some ideas.


  • Paul will get us a list of names and send it to Heather
  • Nancy is doing the cards

PAT Snack bags

  • NDC PC will make up snack bags for the first PAT and Diploma exams, about 185 bags
  • Gr.9 PATs and Gr.12 diploma. 
  • Paul will get the numbers to Heather.
  • Send suggestions for what to put in the bags to Heather
  • June 13, 14, and 18

GALA update

  • Next meeting is next Tuesday , about the working group, to see who’s going to need help with what
  • Have met with Pat & Paula
  • Have the date, venue
  • Theme:  Leap of Faith
  • Tickets probably available around the end of October, beginning of November

Parent Council AGM in Edmonton

  • Heather went
  • Alberta School Councils Association
  • All school councils belong
  • They take our concerns to the government
  • 20 resolutions that were voted on, as a body
  • Each council allowed one vote
  • A council is allowed to send a proxy to vote, if a council member can’t attend in person
  • Heather went to a breakout session about amalgamating the public and separate systems and other educational options.  She told them about how our schools already work together. 
  • Ask H to write up a quick description of that
  • Some resolutions were amended before being voted on

May 9 is the 12 hours of prayer for palliative care at the Parish. 

NDC Parent Council will do a potluck lunch for staff during the first week of exams

Next meeting May 21

Meeting adjourned at 9:23.

(Mandt training may be available to subs. Email Paul & ask him about it.)